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Character Performing

A flower is given to each and every patient on hopsital visits -Scape is often scolded for eating these tasty morsels. The ring-toss game is also occasionally edible. Scape's bell is a special one indeed as it belonged to his Wife's Grandfather. It is made of phosphor-bronze and has been fitted with a cork hammer for a softer sound so as not to disturb sleeping patients.
Character Performing
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Character Performing

Scape is a lively Goat who brings smiles and laughter when he gets into trouble doing what goats do best... looking for things to eat!
When he's not eating your flowers, Scape loves high-fives, patty cake and thumb-wrestling. He's actually quite good at ring-toss too and often gets roped into playing a game or three. Here he comes... hide your soup cans and socks!

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