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Concept Artwork
Rory © his creator and appears courtesy of

This section is under construction.

$. Three view concept artwork includes color swatches and notes. A second file with zoomed headshots is available free upon request.

$. Head artwork includes color swatches and notes.
add $. each... to the head price for Paws, Feet and or Tail if you are considering a Partial Suit.

Concept Art features... Please let me know what Fursuit Crafter you are considering having create your costume and I will model the artwork after their style to give you the best feel for what your finished costume may look like! All Concept Artwork includes a complimentary laminated badge and web icon from your character's concept art! (badge clip not included.)

Notes... I have cleared the server of high resolution files; if you still require your files to be active on the server or need copies, please send me an email -Thanks!
Currently Closed
To check on commission availability, please click the "Availability" button below. If I am able to make your artwork, you will receive an email with instructions for PayPal. Concept artwork takes an average of several weeks, but please allow up to two months for completion. The Active box contains works in progress. The Pending box contains status notes on all others and may take longer than the two month time frame. Please visit this page to check your status if you have submitted a form.
Additional notes on Concepts:
I will provide links to 300dpi .jpg concept art files on my server for your Fursuit Crafter. These files will be removed from the server after a period of time. If you require a physical print-out, different file types or a longer period of time on the server, I will be happy to accommodate. All of my artwork is archived so if you need additional work, future copies or even a poster sized print, please let me know and I will work it out for you.

All material copyright © John Fox Kinsman unless otherwise stated.